The Building Process

There's nothing like seeing a our homes or talking to one If you have any questions, please complete the forms:

Building process step 1

Designing & planing

This is the exciting first step in building your dream home. We work closely with you to design and plan the home that’s right for you!

We consult with you to ensure your home’s design fits within your budget requirements.

Start by choosing a custom home design and then customize it as much or as little as you want and we will turn your custom design into a set of engineered blueprints.

Not sure if that king sized bed will fit? No worries! New to 2017, you can now view your home in true virtual reality space, before it’s built! walk around your dream home and experience your home in virtual world at 1 to 1 scale.

Building process step 2

Approval & Construction

When the working drawings are complete and Master Build (fixed price) Contract signed, the documents are lodged with the Local Authority.

Work commences when the Building Consent has been granted.

We schedule a time-line for the build and arrange for regular on-site meetings with you to discuss any questions and update on progress.

Building process step 3


When the home is finished, a completion certificate is signed, Compliance Certificate issued by the Territorial Authority, final money is paid and you take possession.

In due course we undertake a maintenance inspection and any remedial work is completed.

Building process step 4

Time to celebrate!

This is the most joyful part of the project, when you can enjoy your new and beautiful house with your friends and your family .

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